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Top Italian Pasta Dishes You Must Try

15 May, 2024

A lot of people will relate to the fact that a simple plate of pasta is one of life’s basic pleasures. It is true that various regions in Italy have a variety of traditional options of pasta that you can enjoy. In fact, Italian cuisine is best known for its range of tasty pasta options. There is just no shortage of pasta dishes that you can discover. One of the things that most people like about this dish is its shape.

They also like the sauce pairing combinations, as the options are simply endless. Each option can seem better than the previous one. This is why many people prefer eating pasta often. Regardless of whether you prefer to prepare pasta dishes at home or dine out at an Italian restaurant in Sydney, it is important to learn about the options. Here are the top Italian pasta dishes that you must try.

1.   Spaghetti alla Carbonara

The dish known as “Spaghetti alla Carbonara” is known to be full of flavours. This simple yet tasty dish hails from Rome. It is made with ingredients like eggs, spaghetti, bacon or pancetta and cheese, known as grated Pecorino Romano. The sauce is known to mix cheese and eggs before adding bacon or pancetta. Usually, people sprinkle black pepper to finish the dish. Additionally, there are plenty of variations of this dish as well. There is the option of using bacon instead of pork and zucchini instead of bacon.

2.   Ravioli

Ravioli is a well-known square-shaped pasta that contains ingredients such as cheese, meat, or vegetables. It hails from Lombardy’s northern region. However, it is still spread across Italy. This has led to this dish having numerous variations based primarily on seasonal, local, and easily available ingredients. This stuffed pasta is prepared from a combination of flour, egg, and water. Typically, it is served with a broth. It can also be topped with sauces that are great for highlighting the fillings. There are also circular variations available that are called “half-moons” or mezzelune. So, search for these options when you are dining out. You might be able to find some vegan options as well.

3.   Penne

You might be aware that Penne is one of the most popular pasta dishes in the world. This tiny but cylindrically-shaped pasta is known to resemble an old-fashioned quill’s tip, which is also the reason behind its name. In a place like Sicily, penne is known to have ricotta cheese and spinach. It might also be topped with either cream sauce or tomato. On the other hand, in a place like Liguria, durum wheat, as well as ingredients like spinach and tomatoes, lead to tri-colour noodles that match the Italian flag. There are also larger types of penne, which are called mostaccioli. Different options have different textures, and you can find many of them at food festivals. You can create unforgettable experiences by sharing such meals. You can look for such options when you dine out either in Australia or Italy.

Wrapping Up

It is a well-known fact that there are plenty of options available when it comes to an Italian dish like Pasta. So, next time you are looking to cook a meal or dine out, try the pasta dishes mentioned in this article.

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