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Marcello Insigne
Marcello is a highly experienced chef who has worked with top restaurants in New South Wales before joining Ombretta's Italian Restaurant. David uses his skills and knowledge about Italian cuisine to make some classy and authentic dishes. He has won the 'Chef of the Year' award organised by the Sydney Restaurant Association, where more than 20 experienced senior chefs were shortlisted. He has played a massive in taking our restaurant to where it is today.
Domenico Verratti
Domenico is also a seasoned chef who has been working with us for the last many years. He has also won several awards from different platforms for making exceptional Italian dishes. When it comes to pizza and lasagne, Domenico is known for making mesmerising food. He is a popular name among the Italian food lovers in Sydney and is often invited as a guest judge in cooking competitions across New South Wales.
Andrea Lorenzo
Chef Andrea Lorenzo's innovative take on classic Italian cuisine is widely famous here in Sydney. The recipes for meats, seafood and pasta, are simply elegant and his vow to use only fresh and high-quality ingredients reflects on the taste of his dishes. Chef Lorenzo's experience in the preparation of the food and execution of the Italian dishes continues to draw dedicated customers from different parts of NSW, and we are lucky to have him as a chef of Ombretta's Italian Restaurant.
Nicolo Sirigu
When Chef Nicolo Sirigu cooks, he produces a work of art. He creates culinary wonders that please the eye and palate by using a dish as his canvas and Italian cuisine as his paint. Chefs all over the world have been inspired by his modernistic Italian culinary technique. His strong credentials attest to his never-ending enthusiasm for the culinary arts. Every dish he prepares reflects his dedication to his trade.
Gianluca Pellegri
For years, Ombretta's Italian Restaurant chef Gianluca Pellegri has been refining his craft. Many in the business have referred to his food and unique manner as unique. He's been working on meals that can only be made by someone who is dedicated to and passionate about Italian cuisine. He has received many awards over the years for making exceptional Italian dishes that have attracted people from all over Sydney.
Mattia Biraghi
Our chef Mattia Biraghi believe that when Italians talk about food, they talk about their souls. This beautiful thought sums up his commitment and passion and to the art of Italian cooking. His cooking technique that is a blend of the traditional approach and contemporary style attracts a lot of people from various parts of Sydney as well as New South Wales. He has participated in many cooking shows and currently writing a book on Italian cuisine.

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