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    If you want to visit an authentic Italian restaurant in the capital city of New South Wales, then visit Ombretta's Italian Restaurant.
  • We have the Most Talented Chefs and offer Unique Recipes
    At Ombretta's Italian Restaurant, we have a team of experienced and skilled chefs who offer an extensive range of delicious food.
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Welcome to Ombretta's Italian Restaurant

We are one of the oldest and most popular Italian restaurants in Sydney. People from various parts of the city, as well as New South Wales, visit us because of our delicious Italian food. We proudly offer our hospitality with quality food and excellent service. Our chefs are highly experienced, and our wine list exemplifies our passion for satisfactory dining.
Unique Taste
We offer the best Italian food in Sydney. Our seasoned chef has their secret recipes that give our dishes a unique taste.
Amazing Ambiance
The ambience of Ombretta's Italian Restaurant is also highly appreciated by our customers. It perfectly complements our dishes and will make your experience a memorable one.
Friendly Staff
All our staff who attends to the customers is friendly as well as knowledgeable. Their attentiveness and measured behaviour are always appreciated.
Our Chefs
We are backed by a team of experienced and skilled chefs who have mastered the art of making Italian food. They use fresh ingredients and spices to make delicious dishes for the customers. The chefs know about the traditional recipes that allow them to make dishes with unique tastes.
Our Menu
At this Italian restaurant, we offer an extensive range of Italian food because we understand the diversified choice of the customers. Our licensed venue also offers different types of imported Italian beer, wisely selected imported and Australian wines, as well as cocktails. Our variety is another reason why we are so popular in Sydney.
Our Amenities
The satisfaction and comfort of the customers have always been our topmost priority. So, we provide numerous facilities to our customers that will make thing easier for them and let enjoy the ambience and food with their loved ones. From parking and ample dining space to take away and reservations, we offer everything.

Our Speciality

  • Risotto Alla Milanese
    Arborio rice is sauteed with onions in butter, then cooked in white wine and saffron-flavoured broth, and garnish parmesan cheese.
  • Polenta
    This delicious dish is prepared using stone-ground corn. A classic polenta has black pepper, butter, and parmesan.
  • Lasagna
    The classic dish from Naples, lasagne noodles, are coated with tomato or meat sauce, as well as ricotta cheese. Mozzarella cheese is also added.
  • Ravioli
    It is round or square cuts of pasta wrapped around a delicious filling, such as ricotta cheese with herbs. It is served with sauce.
  • Osso buco
    It is a dish from Milan that has veal shanks cooked in a red-wine reduction with different vegetables. It is topped with a seasoning mixture, lemon zest, parsley and garlic.
  • Arancini
    Sicilian rice balls are prepared by rolling the cooked risotto before mixing with parmesan and butter. Then, dipped in egg, flour, breadcrumbs and fried.
Highlights of Ombretta's Italian Restaurant

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As Ombretta's Italian Restaurant is one of the busiest restaurants in Sydney, New South Wales, the availability of the table can be a problem during the weekend and another holiday. Thus, it is advisable to book your table in advance to avoid any hassle. The booking process is very simple.
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To reserve your table, you need to contact us. You can either call our customer executives or fill the online form. Both the ways are equally effective.
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In both cases, you need to clearly mention the date and time of the booking and the number of people. We will reserve the table accordingly.
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You will get the confirmation from us through mail and message. If you want to book tables for an event, book at least two weeks ago.
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