Ombretta - Traditional Italian Food

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Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Our menu changes frequently determined by seasonal availability, by the rotation of the items below and by the way we wake up in the morning.

Consequently it is subject to change without notice and it will always be an extract of the menu below.

 If you would like to know specifically what is on a particular night, give us a call. 



From its valleys to its rolling hills to the clear, luminous foothills the Alps, Piemonte dispenses an extraordinary range of food, rich in flavours and exquisitely refined.
Almost half of the rice consumed in Italy is grown on the plains in the provinces of Novara and Vermicelli on the border with Lombardia. The prestigious superfino
Carnaroli and the semifino Vialone Nano and Maratelli are among the types of rice grown in the region.

This indigenous productions gives birth tot he exceptional rice dishes: paniscia Novarese or Panissa Vercellese, as well as risi con porri (rice with leeks) from Asti and the delicious risotto alla canavesana.

Moving up towards the hills of the Langhe and Monferrato area, with its clay like soil, you will find distinctly flavoured produce of outstanding quality: the ‘meaty’ sweet peppers of Carmagnola, excellent cardoons, jerusalem artichokes, the splendid asparagus from Sántena, tasty leeks, perhaps the tastiest hazelnuts in the world and, above all, the mythical white truffles from Alba. The alpine area of Piemonte also produces some of the most important and highly esteemed cheese and dairy products in all of Italy. The streams that course through the mountains are filled with trout and other freshwater fish like salmerini and temoli.

If it’s true that cuisine of a region is born from the relationship between the products of the regions and the way that people use them, Piemonte offers an abundant gastronomic tradition divided into three very distinctive class of food- common, noble and above all, borghese, or middle class.

Common or working class dishes are defined by the occupations of their creators. For example, vegetables vendors are known for dishes made with leeks: olive oil preseverd tuna, mackerel or other fish: and little rabbits that have been fed with wild willow leaves. The food of cattlemen, carriage drivers, and attendants is just like what you find at roadside inns: tripe soup, bread and oxtails, chickpeas and pig’s heads, bean salas, onions and boiled meats to olive oil preserved fish, pickles vegetables and fish,and hearty, cooked salami. Masons favour strews, agnolotti (pasta filled with meat) and polenta with gorgonzola or brós, a local cheese.

Fishermen like eel cooked in red wine and pickled freshwater fish.


antipasto della casa 23

cured meats, grilled vegetables, grana padano cheese,

olives fresh home made bread (serves 2)

trota in carpione 18

marinated river trout, onion, wine, white vinegar

vitello tonnato 18

braised veal, tuna mayo, capers, anchovy

carne cruda all'Albese 18

italian style beef tartare, lemon, extra virgin olive oil

tomino al forno 16

baked tomino cheese wheel

lingua alla piemontese 15

boiled veal tongue, salsa verde


All our pastas are freshly made on a daily basis

maltagliati, salsiccia, pomodorini 24

"poorly cut" pasta strips, sausage and cherry tomatoes

risotto, castelmagno, castagne 26

carnaroli rice, castelmagno cheese, chestnuts

tajarin al tartufo 32

traditional egg tagliolini, fresh truffle, butter 

ravioli del plin 26

small ravioli, stuffed with different meats and vegetables 

gnocchi, funghi 25

potato gnocchi with mixed mushroom ragout


agnello, salsa tonnata 30  

rolled lamb shoulder, tuna and caper mayo

brasato al barolo 32

beef braised in barolo wine

arrosto di maiale con castagne 31

pork roast with chestnut

trota intera col cavolfiore 30

panfried whole trout, cauliflower




coffee soaked Savoyard biscuits layered with mascarpone cream


set cream infused w/ frangelico liqueur

pere al barolo

pear poached in barolo wine

regional semifreddo

chocolate and hazelnuts




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