Ombretta - Traditional Italian Food

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Dinner: Monday - Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Our menu changes frequently determined by seasonal availability, by the rotation of the items below and by any new daily inspiration.

Consequently it is subject to change without notice and it will always be an extract of the menu below.

 If you would like to know specifically what is on a particular night, give us a call. 


Region : september : Lombardia

Lombardia cuisine has roots in many different cultures, resulting in extravagant dishes. Lombardia cooking traditionally uses generous amounts of butter, cream and lard. The first food to come to mind for most people is the decadent Risotto alla Milanese. The classic golden tint is provided by saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. This creamy rice dish is heavily enriched with plenty of dairy butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and, in its most succulent match, served as an accompaniment for the paramount local Osso Buco.

Unlike most of Italy, polenta and rice are both eaten far more often than pasta. Polenta, or cornmeal cooked into a soft cereal, is a mainstay of Lombardia cuisine. It is generally served with plenty of butter, cheese and sometimes meat or vegetables. When the cereal is permitted to chill and get firm, it can be sliced and layered with mushroom sauce, tomatoes and pork and baked for polenta pasticciata.



antipasto della casa 28

cured meats, grilled vegetables, grana padano cheese,

olives fresh home made bread (serves 2)

bresaola, rucola, noci, gorgonzola 19

wagyu bresaola carpaccio, rocket, walnuts and gorgonzola

cestini patate e salmone 18

potato tart with salmon and chives

vitello 22

veal terrine, pistacchio, grilled artichocke, toasted crostini



All our pastas are freshly made on a daily basis


risotto midollo, porcini e zafferano 25

risotto with bone marrow, porcini mushroom and saffron

tagliatelle al ragu di capriolo 26

tagliatelle, deer ragout 

gnocchi alla certosina 26

gnocchi with prawns, flounder, mushroom, peas

lasagna prosciutto piselli 23

lasagna with smoked ham, peas and bolognese ragu



osso buco alla milanese 31  

braised osso buco milanese style served with mashed potatoes

polpettone, salsa verde 27

traditional meat loaf, salsa verde and braised cabbage

cotoletta alla milanese 30

veal cutlet fried on the bone served with mix heirloom tomato salad

pesce del giorno MP

we will focus on freshwater fish and salmon



tiramisu 14

coffee soaked Savoyard biscuits layered with mascarpone cream

 pannacotta al campari 14

set cream infused w/ campari liqueur

regional semifreddo 14

our semifreddo flavour of the month is almond and amaretti