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REGION : march : liguria

Our menu changes frequently determined by seasonal availability, by the rotation of the items below and by any new daily inspiration.

Consequently it is subject to change without notice.

 If you would like to know specifically what is on a particular night, give us a call. 


A Bit of History

Ligurians are not gluttons, they are connoisseurs. The food of this charming region is basic and well defined, and at the same time inventive and creative. The dishes of Liguria, a narrow ribbon of land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennine mountain range, emphasises products from the sea and land. It is blessed with a mild, sunny Mediterranean climate, allowing the cultivation of many fruits, vegetables - including some rare varieties - and aromatic herbs. The olives that grow in the region, particularly the taggiasca, produce exceptionally good, subtle and refined oil, with an aftertaste of pine nuts, that pairs brilliantly with the region’s great natural products. The incomparable vegetables growing along the Riviera include stringless green beans, tender salad leaves, tasty Albenga artichokes and delicious white beans from Conio. Mushrooms grow next to assorted wild greens and herbs.

The food of Liguria is considered magro - lean, almost vegetarian - created, like most cuisines, in order to use what was readily available. Traditionally, seafaring Ligurians spent long periods of time at sea eating only preserved foods; back on land, their overwhelming desire was to eat only fresh produce, i.e. vegetables. This nautical culture provided the opportunity to transport goods all over the world (dry pasta with its long shelf life, was a popular cargo. Today, Liguria is considered home to pasta) and exposure to the gastronomy of Arab, Spanish and Sicilian ports of call, which has helped define and distinguish the food of the region.

Nonetheless, Liguria’s cuisine remains profoundly basic, free of spices or aggressive flavours. The region’s simple approach to food makes it one o the most modern of the entire peninsula.

Our Menu for this Month


antipasto della casa 24

cured meats, grilled vegetables, parmigiano, olives, fresh home made focaccia

torta pasqualina 18

savoury pie with silverbeet, ricotta, egg, parmigiano

frittelle di bianchetti 18

whitebait fritters, lemon

capponada della riviera di ponente 19

octopus & prawn salad


lasagna al pesto 24

home made ricotta, parmigiano, basil and pinenuts lasagna

linguine, frutti di mare, polipetti 27 

linguine, vongole, baby octopus

pansoti, salsa di noci 24

ricotta and vegetables stuffed ravioli, walnut sauce

trenette, branzino, olive 25

traditional long pasta, bar cod, taggiasche olives, fresh tomatoes

trofie al pesto 24

trofie pasta, basil pesto, green beans, potatoes


dentice alla ligure 31

baked snapper, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, origano

tagliata di vitello all'acciuga 30

veal roast, anchovies, stuffed zucchini

salsiccie e rapa 25

pork sausage, panfried turnips

rotolo di pollo 29

chicken parcel, mortadella, pistachio, raisins, potatoes

galletto zafferano 31

saffron spatchcock, chickpeas, cannellini, pearl barley


pannacotta panera 12

milk & coffee pannacotta

tiramisu 14

coffee soaked savoiardi biscuits layered with mascarpone cream

semifreddo bacio d'alassio 13

chocolate and hazelnuts 

affogato 9/16

vanilla homemdae gelato, coffee, frangelico