Ombretta - Traditional Italian Food

355 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037

ph: (02) 8060 7893

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Our menu changes frequently determined by seasonal availability, by the rotation of the items below and by any new daily inspiration.

Consequently it is subject to change without notice.

 If you would like to know specifically what is on a particular night, give us a call. 


Region : october : Lazio

Rome's food has evolved through centuries and periods of social, cultural, and political changes. Rome became a major gastronomical centre during the ancient age. Ancient Roman cuisine was highly influenced by Ancient Greek culture. Subsequently, the empire's enormous expansion exposed Romans to many new, provincial culinary habits and cooking techniques. In the beginning, the differences between social classes were not very great, but disparities developed with the empire's growth. Later, during the Renaissance, Rome became well known as a center of high-cuisine, since some of the best chefs of the time worked for the popes. 

The Testaccio Rione, Rome's trade and slaughterhouse area, is the place where Rome's most original and traditional foods can still be found. The area was often known as the "belly" or "slaughterhouse" of Rome, and was inhabited by butchers, or vaccinari. The most common or ancient Roman cuisine included the "fifth quarter". The old-fashioned coda all vaccinara (oxtail cooked in the way of butchers) is still one of the city's most popular meals and is part of most of Rome's restaurants' menus. Lamb is also a very popular part of Roman cuisine, and is often roasted with spices and herbs. 



antipasto della casa 23

cured meats, grilled vegetables, grana padano cheese,

olives fresh home made bread (serves 2)

bruschetta ricotta, fave, menta 15

bruschetta with ricotta, crushed broad beans, mint

involtino alla romana 17

veal and prosciutto rolls with fresh tomato sauce

carpaccio, lattuga, pecorino 19

wagyu beef carpaccio with shaved pecorino & lettuce


All our pastas are freshly made on a daily basis


bucatini all'amatriciana 23

thick spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and cured pork cheek

pappardelle estive 24

pappardelle, grape tomatoes, broken burrata cheese, olive, basil  

lasagna al ragu di coda 24

lasagna, oxtail ragout

strozzapreti alla gricia 24

strozzapreti, cured pork cheek and pecorino romano

linguine di mare 27

linguine mussels, calamari, vongole, octopus


coda alla vaccinara 29  

braised oxtail, celery, raisins, fresh tomato sauce

saltimbocca alla romana 29

prosciutto lined veal girello, sage, white wine sauce

abbacchio 30

baked spring lamb, seasonal vegetables

pesce del giorno MP

we will focus on snapper and flounder

porchetta dei castelli 31

traditional pork roast, fennel, pistachio, red cabbage, caramelised apple



coffee soaked Savoyard biscuits layered with mascarpone cream

 pannacotta alla sambuca

set cream infused w/ sambuca liqueur

regional semifreddo

our semifreddo flavour will be ricotta and amaretti


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