Ombretta - Traditional Italian Food

355 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037

ph: (02) 8060 7893

Dinner: Monday - Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Lunch: Sunday 12:00pm - 3:00pm


Our menu changes frequently determined by seasonal and market availability, by the rotation of the items below and by the way we wake up in the morning.

Consequently it is subject to change without notice and it will always be an extract of the menu below. If you would like to know specifically what is on a particular night, please give us a call. 


antipasto della casa 22

cured meats, grilled vegetables, grana padano cheese, olives fresh home made bread (serves 2)

bruschetta 'nduja, ricotta, melanzane  15

grilled rustic bread, spreadable hot salami, fresh ricotta, eggplant

involtini spada, gamberi  22

swordfish parcels stuffed w/ prawns, raisins & breadcrumbs

capesante, asparagi, bottarga  19

seared scallops w/ asparagus and grated dried mullet roe

crocchette di melanzane  13

eggplant croquette, pecorino

sardine fritte  17

fried sardines w/ capers, garlic & breadcrumbs


lagane, capra  24

short home made tagliatelle w/ chilli goat's ragù

spaghetto allo scoglio  26

spaghetti w/ vongole, mussels and prawns

fileja, 'nduja, melanzane  25

small calabrese fresh pasta w/ chilli sausage, eggplant and smoked ricotta

lasagna classica  23

evergreen baked layered pasta w/ ragù bolognese, béchamel & parmigiano

pappardelle, pancetta, pecorino  23

 fresh pappardelle w/ pancetta, pecorino, capers, tomato, sage & marjoram

ravioli e stoccafisso  26

large ravioli stuffed with stockfish and potato, butter and sage sauce

tagliolini alla liquirizia  25

liquorice tagliolini w/ broccolini & smoked ricotta

Meat & fish

tonno grigliato  31   

grilled tuna w/red onion, tomato & origano

Cosciotto d'agnello  29

marinated lamb shank braised w/ pancetta, green olives, spring onions & rosemary

baccalà al forno  32

baked salted cod fillet w/potatoes, capers and olives

capra stufata  29

goat stewed in fresh tomato w/ olives & herbs

filetto, lenticchie, cicoria  33

250 gr grilled scotch fillet w/ lentils, chicory and vine ripened tomatoes

aguglia, borlotti, cavolo nero  29

panfried garfish w/ borlotti bean puree & cavolo nero

Desserts  13/14


coffee soaked Savoyard biscuits layered with mascarpone cream

nocino pannacotta

set cream infused w/ nocino liqueur

tronchetto ai fichi

semi dried figs and vanilla gelato for our regional semifreddo



Calabria’s terrain is full of sharp contrasts, it's mountainous yet almost completely surrounded by the sea. It's almost secretive cuisine is inspired by the customs of the   people who passed through the region or landed on its shores. The Greeks, Albanians, Latini,  Arabs, Normans, Spanish and French. 

Antipasti aren't really served in the southern provinces but in Calabria nu piattino of food is served before the main meal. This little plate may be filled with salami and cured meats, smashed spice olives and eggplant and tomatoes covered with olive oil and fried or pickled sweet peppers. Well aged, always spicy salami goes well with the original pitte flatbreads fresh out of the oven. The basic, always home-made pastas have odd names.  Soups are made with legumes grains, eggs and onions. 

Pork is the first meat of choice, very often it's preserved in one way or another. Pork’s popularity is followed by mutton and every kind of offal. Meats maybe spit roasted, grilled or baked. Game contributes to the daily menu as well: lamb, wild boar, partridge, woodcock, hare and duck. Interestingly, the Calabrese don't hang the game to age or tenderise it before cooking. 

The Ionian and Mediterranean Seas which give the region it’s splendid coastlines, provide blue fish, tuna and swordfish. Cooking methods for these fish are strongly influenced by those of western Sicily. Cheese is top-quality and flavourful. Calabria is full of citrus fruit orchards. Citron and Bergamot are grown not only for their fragrant essences but also to make exquisite jams. The hot pepper is omnipresent, yet sweet peppers also have a place of honour on the regional table, as do the famous Tropea red onions. The Calabrese are great eaters of eggplant, especially the extremely tasty and prestigious and violette lunghe. A wide variety of mushrooms are found in the wooded mountains in the area around Saracena and Santo Stefano in Aspromonte. In this area you can also find the fabulous pietra da fungo, or mushroom rock, porous stone capable of capturing spores from up to 8 inches below the Earth's surface, and then producing every kind of edible and precious mushroom.